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If your new country doesn't share your native language, this strategy can help you make friends.

A language exchange is a free way to learn a new language through structured conversation with native speakers. The discussion often focuses on a topic, like eating at a restaurant or shopping. You'll start in one language, then switch to the other. Some cities hosts clubs, but online platforms like Craiglist or Gumtree can also be helpful.

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Love & Family

Do romantic stuff like sending a personal letter, or some flowers when the time is right. It is also a good idea to keep negative feelings like jealousy outside of the relationship.

Romance loses its power when you keep a score of what all you have given and received. This is not a game.

  1. Sarcasm: When instead of directly talking about the problem, the person comments sarcastically.
  2. Backhanded Compliment: A subtle form of passive-aggressive behaviour, where the individual gives a backhanded compliment, which is an insult in disguise.
  3. Avoidance: When the child or spouse is refusing to speak for a long time.
  4. Inaction: When the task or appointment is purposely missed, and no intimation is provided, with the clear intention to hurt the other person.
  5. Withdrawal and Sulking: When there is no real, sincere communication but the person acts as if everything is fine. It is a more lethal form of silence.
The Practice of Reinterpreting

A study was performed on 120 women in order to gauge their emotional distress and how it is relieved through the help of reinterpretation. These women were shown images that were invoking negative emotions such as anger, poverty, and sadness.

The study found that although reinterpreting the images alleviated their distress, it helped even more when the reinterpretation came from their friend. Thus suggesting that emotional regulation is more effective when other people actively help us with it.

Space, paradoxically, is essential for building a robust relationship filled with love and intimacy.

Couples feel a heightened sense of connection and love when they have adequate space, and a lack of the same results in conflict, resentment and stressful situations.

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