Functional Imagery Training

Functional Imagery Training (FIT) affects our behavior through the use of personalized, affective, and goal-directed mental imagery. It helps us anticipate obstacles and aids us by mentally trying out solutions from previous successes.

When we use FIT, it increases our Motivational Thought Frequency (MTF) which helps individuals achieve their goal not because they "want to" but because they "ought to."

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Crocs: The "It" Shoe of 2020

Crocs is quick to embrace their growing celebrity fans that fit the shoe into their personal aesthetic like Diplo and his psychedelic hippie style or Zooey Deschanel with her vintage-themed outfits.

Crocs' collaborations with these celebrities makes them sell out in days and the best part about it is that they only partner with authentic fans of the brand and capitalize on that moment.

They don't limit themselves with just celebrities but they embrace a wide range of partners such as KFC, Benefit Cosmetics, and even Madewell!

Finding Focus in Chaos

Practice. Practice. Practice.

When we practice finding focus in any difficulty, we can and we will find the answer to our problems.

Allow yourself to take the time to pause and reflect on what you need to focus on. A simple 10 minute reflection will do. Clear your mind from all the noise and give yourself one thing to do... pause.

Practice this when your mind gets distracted!

The Temptation To Sell

Over the years, people monetizing their hobbies is slowly becoming a trend; traditional careers are crumbling and having side hustles are hyped and fetishized. Social media such as Instagram makes it extremely easy to market the things we make.

There are some people who have fought the temptation of commerce and won. They have refused to sell their work and this eventually allowed them to find back the joy in self-expression through hobbies.

Society stresses us that success is in status and monetization, but success could also be being true to oneself.

Gossip and Behavioral Changes

Gossip allows us to have all sorts of information about other people and with this bears the knowledge that hearing about it gives us a sudden jolt.

Negative gossip, according to research, made the listeners feel superior to the person being gossiped about. It gives them a self-esteem boost but it also makes the listeners feel more vulnerable to similar treatments. Meanwhile, listening to flattering gossip gives listeners ideas on how to improve themselves to become more like the person being gossiped about.

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