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Glued To Your Phone? Here's How To Rethink Your Relationship With Social Media : Life Kit

The Internet can make you feel fractured

The internet can open us up to so many things that we would have never seen otherwise. There's funny animal videos, plant parent groups, and information on movements. But there's also hate speech, harassment, misinformation etc.

The internet can also divide our attention and make us feel fragmented.

Debunking the Eureka Moment: Creative Thinking Is a Process

Creative Thinking: Destiny or Development?

Creative thinking requires our brains to make connections between seemingly unrelated ideas.

Nearly every person is born with some level of creative skill and the majority of our creative thinking abilities are trainable.

Creativity is a skill that can be improved, let's talk about why—and how—practice and learning impacts your creative output.

4 Things Really Successful People Say ‘No’ To

They say ‘no’ to feeling sorry for themselves.
  • Failure is an essential step in anything worth working for.
  • However, it’s tempting to think that each of your failures means there’s something wrong with you.
  • No, there could have been a million other reasons why you didn’t succeed that time.
  • Successful people view each failure as a stepping stone towards finding the thing that actually works.

Stop “Chasing” Success. Start Attracting True Success in These 5 Proven Ways.

-Bruce Lee

“One will never get any more than he thinks he can get.”