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  • As a Saas PM, look at a problem carefully from all angles to pave the right path forward. When a PM can go on vacation and trust the team to make the right decisions for the customer, that’s success in my book. It means that the PM has done a great job of communicating the problem and metrics of success for that project.
  • Focus on Data and The AARRR framework is always a solid starting point: acquisition, activation, retention, referral, and revenue. For example, take the referral. 
  • Always talk to your customers and never treat them as a number or a dollar sign$.



Where I find the most benefit of T-shirt sizing is they give an easy, clear understanding of relative sizes. This can be especially useful if you are working with a new team, the team is totally new to Scrum, or when trying to move away from estimating in hours.

While I prefer Story points they can take some getting used to. For introducing a team to estimation I have found anyone can quickly grasp the difference between a Medium and a Large story.



Set Up a Feedback System

Coaches are responsible for helping their teams “fine-tune” their messages to clients.

Many sales coaches are untrained in how to give crisp, productive, forward-looking performance feedback to those on their teams. So as a first step schedule coaching conversations into every interaction.

You need to adjust your mindset to think of feedback as a practice. It’s something that you do over and over again as part of daily business.

Giving performance feedback can be difficult.  But the widespread adoption of virtual calls has lowered this barrier.