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What’s in a link, anyway?

The link, these tiny things that we use in many places, in a sentence, as a nav link or even embedded in a call to action; but the common purpose between them are thus clicking a link could:

- Take the user:

  • To a different location on the same page (an internal link)
  • To another page on the same website
  • To a page on another website

- Download a file

- Open an e-mail programme

- Dialling a telephone number


The Value of a Shared Culture

Having a shared culture (created by us) is one of the reasons for our possibility to connect with each other. This culture is formed by the pieces of information related to our group values, how the members conduct themselves, and where they want to go: companies, families, movements etc, all have a culture.

This culture is what keeps us together, but it is also what keeps us apart: nearly all cultures are formed around differences - by highlighting what it is about them that is different, and by using that to attack each other.