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Indicators of Human Well-being!

1. Connecting: Try and connect with someone that you haven’t connected for long!

2. Being Active: Try and have a daily regime that includes mental and physical workouts and see the magic unfold!

3. Noticing: Try and subscribing to articles or newsletters that keep you curious!

4. Learning: Try and learn a new skill and you are more likely to find motivation to face your daily grind!

5. Giving: Try to help someone or join a cause that you believe in and you will soon discover meaning in your life once again!



The Abundance Trinity

The Abundance Trinity is a framework that helps us to understand how we can bring about more abundance in life. It comprises of three crucial pillars without which true abundance would remain elusive:

Abundance of Purpose: Each one of us is incomplete without a strong sense of ‘Why’ we exist on this wonderful planet.

Abundance of Time: It is very difficult to be happy in life without being in charge of how we choose to spend our time.

Abundance of Money: Can money buy happiness? Of course not! But one thing that money definitely buys is freedom!