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Bill Gates Guidance

Bill Gates has offered a lot of guidance regarding how to carry on with a fruitful life or lead an effective business. The high bar that the Microsoft fellow benefactor sets day by day isn't difficult to reach.

It will be that as it may require creating and pursuing some new routines. Clearing your own street to progress implies dreaming less and accomplishing a greater amount of what Gates himself has done while turning into the world's fourth-most extravagant individual.

Here are four things that plainly isolated the practitioners from the visionaries:



You too can become an Achiever!

What does it take to become an achiever? Simply, achieving your goals!

The single biggest determining factor of an achiever & a non-achiever is "Attention"

Achievers know how... 

To direct their attention to goal related activities and how... 

To withdraw their attention from non-goal activities!

Questions achievers ask themselves are...

In a given week where is my attention going to?? Am I habitually obsessing over my goals?

Deliberately put your attention in your goals. 

Even, during short spare times, visualize yourself taking action steps instead of checking your phone!