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QR Code Trends Are Shaping Marketing

Everyone today always has their smartphone, most phones have a decent camera, & that camera is capable of doing more than just opening websites. Most smartphone models now come with a built-in QR scanner on the camera app. For those that don’t, there are 3rd party apps.

Not only is it easier than ever to read QR Codes, but companies are also able to add branding to QR Codes to incorporate brand personality into the traditional black & white square. Plus, with Dynamic QR Codes, you can easily track & measure where, when, & how many potential customers view your content or use your services.



How Do You Know If You Have a Losing or Inconclusive A/B Test?

An inconclusive test might mean the numbers are less than a percent off, or neither variation got any traffic at all. When your tests don’t have enough data or if the numbers are too close, they are considered inconclusive or statistically insignificant.