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What is Fermi Paradox?

In 1950, the physicist and Nobel laureate Enrico Fermi famously asked his colleagues: “Where are they?

Given the vastness of the space and how our civilization had evolved, theoretically, there should be some other civlization in the universe that we could somehow see. We have pretty powerful tools and if other intelligent life forms would exist, they would have probably evolved in a similar way we did. Thus, they would also have tools to give or intercept signals.

Yet, where are all these aliens? Why haven’t they contacted us? Are we the most intelligent life form in the entire universe?



The Great Filter, a possible solution for Fermi Paradox

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What is the Kardashev Scale?

The Kardashev Scale is a simple tool that is used to measure the level of advancement of an alien species.

There are 3 main types and 2 added on types:

Type 1 - A civilization that can store all of its planets energy.

Type 2 - A civilization that is able to use the energy of its planetary system (solar system).

Type 3 - A civilization that can manipulate the energies of their entire galaxy.

The two additional types include

Type 4 - A civilization that can manipulate their entire universe.

Type 5 - A civilization that can alter multiple different universes.

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