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Short Zen Stories: An Old Farmer

A farmer, who got really old,was useless in the fields where his son worked. A frustrated son built a wooden coffin and told his father to get inside, planning to drop him off a high cliff.

As the son approached the cliff, his father tapped the lid, and said “Throw me over the cliff if you like my son, but save this good wood coffin, as your children might need to use it”.



Be A Lion Not A Dog

Dada Vaswani when he was a small boy asked a monk to give him some wisdom. The monk advised "My child, Be a Lion, not a dog. When you throw a ball in front of the dog, it will run after the ball. When you throw something at the Lion its attention is still on you, not on the object you throw. It will be waiting to grab hold of you.

Always focus on the source, not the incidents, not the effects. Go to the source".