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Astronomy's Effect on Humans

Astronomy has been one of the biggest studies since the dawn of time and is still substantial today. It was also the base along which many different empires were able to form.

The Ancient Mayans for example, used Astronomy in order to create the first calendars.

Famous scientists such as Galileo and had used their interests in Astronomy to form different developments such as the Telescope.

Even in recent memory, scientists such as Albert Einstein were able to create equations that are known by everyone in the world.

The point is, Astronomy represents development rather than just constellations.



Astronomy's Effect on Humans

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What is the Biggest Star in the Universe?

UY Scuti, the largest star in the universe, has a radius that is 1,700 times larger than our sun's. Such a star is also able to undergo Nuclear Fusion of much denser and heavier objects. In other words, it is able to produce a LOT more energy than our sun.

In addition to that, UY Scuti is also 340,000 times more luminous than our sun. It is still incredibly easy to see despite being many thousands of light years away.

Fun fact, UY Scuti also has a circumference of 4.7 billion miles. To put that in perspective, the sun's circumference is 2.7 million miles. 

That is one very big star.