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Guided Sales Using AI: The Matchmaking Of Customers with Products and Services


Guided Selling Using AI

Over the last four years, more than half (51%) of top-performing companies have either turned to or plan to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered guided selling by 2025.

AI functionality has permanently transformed the form and function of guided selling capabilities. B2B sales organizations should help sellers improve sales execution by adding AI-based guided selling to their sales technology stack.

Weavora started as a small Outsourcing company in 2010. we needed to report and invoice our clients based on actual hours spent. In September 2015 we signed our first paid client. Today we have crossed the $1.3M Arr mark (growing X2.2 times per year) and used by 2,200+ companies from 70 countries.

Roughly every six weeks we start a new cycle of product work. Each six-week work cycle contains two types of projects: 

  • Big Batch projects are big features or stuff that’s probably going to take up the full six weeks to get doneWe typically take on between 4 and 8 small batch projects.
  • Small Batch projects are smaller things, tweaks, minor adjustments, and easily adds that should take anywhere from a day to two weeks to complete.