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Is It Hard Or Lack Of Right Knowledge.

I recently solved a 3×3 rubix cube for the first time ever. I know many people have solved it , but for me it was something which I had already tried n number of times applying my own logic and had given up. I had tried and failed solving it many times without realising or completely unaware of an easy solution to solve it. Yesterday, I challenged myself that every day I would spend an hour for atleast 2 months approximating the time It would take to solve such a complex thing. Read what happend next.



The Mystery of Human Brain

It's fascinating to know that the Human Brain knows how to carry out different scientific processes from birth even though we consciously neither feel it nor understand it unless we are taught about it.

For Instance-

1)Our Brain knows from birth that it has to invert the image formed in the retina to get the actual image but we know it only when we get to Higher classes.

2)The Brain projects back the light rays that form the image at the retina in a straight line to know the Light Source even though 'we' don't know initially that light travels in straight line.



Indited by Srusti Sankalp Panda

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