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Make sure your product is ready

Make sure that the item itself is ready to go to market. It’s no use approaching buyers if there are issues with durability or design which need fixing before production can begin in earnest.

Conduct testing which usually happens in various stages and typically involves:

  • Design testing and quality control checks to ensure that the product is fit for purpose and works as intended
  • Trials to see how well the target market responds to your idea
  • Customer surveys focus groups and blind testing
  • Production testing to make sure there are no issues with the manufacturing processes or supply line



The Principles Behind Efficient Brand Sustainability
  • Taking a stance can help widen the addressable market. Socially-aware consumers don't just buy products, they buy the social, emotional, and functional stories behind products.
  • Long-term thinking is a competitive advantage in itself and it is often cost-effective due to the reduction of a brand's carbon footprint eventually reducing energy consumption.
  • Sustainability can help de-risk the business by leveraging social listening.
  • Brands that proactively focus on sustainability initiatives are capable of generating the greatest social and environmental impacts and long-term business growth.