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Another Supportive Word For Bully-Victim

I know that some people will underestimate what you called as trauma, I know that some people labeled you as "ice queen/king" for your non-emotional appearance, and I know that you have fewer friends because of your trust issue.

I want you to know that, it is normal to have this feeling, thought, and behavior, and please don't fall into someone's trap for saying that you are worth unloved.  

You are here right now thriving because deep down you feel that you are more than what people said about you. Deep down you know that you are a unique creature who has a specific task for the world. 


Rizka Phonna on Sep 29

😎 during my PTSD symptom


I Just Want to Say "Bully-victim, You are not alone!"

Bully does not occur exclusively, in fact, it occurred around us regularly. There are three groups of people that can be found during bullying, the perpetrator, the victim, and the audience. the saddest thing is that if we happen to be the audience and we choose not to confront the perpetrator, we can also be classified as the perpetrator.

In addition, the victim also can be the perpetrator in the future. and that's why, bullying can be called as the devil circle, as it does not stop happening in the world if we do not choose to stop it. 


Rizka Phonna on Sep 22

😉 my note from one of the discussion