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Set Up a Feedback System

Coaches are responsible for helping their teams “fine-tune” their messages to clients.

Many sales coaches are untrained in how to give crisp, productive, forward-looking performance feedback to those on their teams. So as a first step schedule coaching conversations into every interaction.

You need to adjust your mindset to think of feedback as a practice. It’s something that you do over and over again as part of daily business.

Giving performance feedback can be difficult.  But the widespread adoption of virtual calls has lowered this barrier.


Karpman Drama Triangle

The Karpman drama triangle is a social model of human interaction proposed by Stephen B. Karpman. The triangle maps a type of destructive interaction that can occur among people in conflict.[1] The drama triangle model is a tool used in psychotherapy, specifically transactional analysis . The triangle of actors in the drama are persecutors, victims, and rescuers.

  1. The Victim: The Victim's stance is "Poor me!"
  2. The Rescuer: The rescuer's line is "Let me help you."
  3. The Persecutor: (a.k.a. Villain) The Persecutor insists, "It's all your fault."