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The struggle with feedback

Study after study report that the majority of managers today are terrible at providing feedback. Yet, we also know that regular feedback leads to improved employee engagement. 

Employees want more, effective feedback — but managers are terrible at providing it. So how do we reconcile this? Small, incremental improvements can happen by individuals resolving to do better, but the real impact happens when the entire culture becomes comfortable with feedback. 


Subscribing to a company's culture

Buying in can mean workers consider the organization part of themselves. In many cases, employees not only get on board with a company’s stated mission, but also the culture, and feel like they share values with the organization.

But while many workers buy in to the companies they work for when they’re first hired, some people find their enthusiasm fades. Several factors can lead to a loss of buy-in, like when workers believe companies fail to live up to their values or feel there’s an uneven exchange between employee and employer