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1- Revenue growth: the T2D3 framework

Some companies find their PM fit faster than others. The T2D3 framework shows what it takes to grow your revenue from $1M — $2M to around $100M Arr in 6–7 years. The vast majority of Saas startups will never reach this level of growth and that’s completely fine. If you talk to “traditional” Saas Vcs, they’ll probably ask themselves: “does this company have the potential to T2D3?””


Weak Founding Team:

Weak founders have only raised 30% of the average and a 12th of the capital that my portfolio has. On the right-hand side of the chart, you can see each rejection reason but just selecting the companies where I marked in our system as liking the founders a lot. They on average raised 2–3X the average of the respective groupings.