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Understanding money is mastering psychology

Studying money has nothing to do with being rich and famous. It has more to do with psychology. 

Stock markets trade on sentiment. Humans buy assets and sell them too. You’ll be terrible with money if you don’t understand your own psychology. My psychology works best when I aim for the long term and take away most of the decision-making ability.

Learn about psychology and you can master your mind when it comes to money and the right strategy for you.


Lessons I’ve Learned From Studying Money for 10 Years


The more expensive the service a B2B company provides, the more incomprehensible its website. When you’re getting your first domain, GoDaddy and NameCheap will tell you that, yeah, that’s what they do: They will sell you a domain.

Why the big companies with the big products don't do the same? Do they lack self-awareness? Do they have nothing of value to provide, and hide behind flowery marketing babble that’s as empty as their offering? The big companies do it to get you on the phone — so they can upsell.


For the love of God, please tell me what your company does