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Being focused in our daily life is becoming more and more difficult amid the digital disarray we are living in. Here is a simple and practical guide to turn yourself into a laser focused person.

Have you ever felt like you were in a zen-like meditative state while working, mentally free to execute and apply your skills with no distracting thought whatsoever inside your mind? Feeling entirely absorbed in an activity? This is called being in the zone or getting in the flow.Those expressions are often used about athletes performing at their peak, with all their attention focused on the task at hand. No concern, no conscience of time—just pure, invigorating work driven by heightened awareness.

Deep Work is a book about the skills we need in the age of Google. To thrive in the modern world, you have to have the skills of the masters: concentration, focus, the ability to work deeply, the talent to produce high-quality work without getting distracted. This breakthrough guide to focus and productivity is the most talked-about business book of the year.

Deep work is one of my favourite books in non fiction. It has a lot of ideas and ways to overcome distraction and this is just one idea about why should we overcome distractions.


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Hi all! 📚I'm Juan, a Law & Economics Student from 🇨🇴! I'm passionated about evidence based study tips and motivation. You can reach me at juan@juanotalo.com. Subscribe to my blog to get the most out of your day ↩️↩️


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Books, meditation and lying on a couch with food & watching movies are my favorite things. At the same time, I help anyone to get the clarity and push they need to move beyond their fears, uncertainties, procrastination to make real progress on life goals.

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