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In-app notification center:

A notification center is where all the activity and updates on the app are stored. There are many moving parts to this, so let’s start at the very beginning:

1. Trigger

A trigger in layman’s terms is when a user inputs information (clicking a button, inputting text, etc) and that causes the program to do something. 

2. Badge

A badge will appear on the notification button letting the user know that they have an update.

3. Notification

The notification will appear in the notification center. Here the user can read and interact with it.

4. Follow up notifications.


Delivery vs Discovery

Agile methodologies revolutionized how products are being built. But building is just half of the problem. Deciding what to build is just as (if not more) important. 

Deciding what to build is discovery. Shipping is delivery. 

Discovery needs to be treated as an activity on its own. With clear activities, tracking and deliverables, just as we do with delivering working products.