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Evaluating the potential of a social app can be complicated. Many factors must be considered. Using Apptopia, social platforms in the top 1,000 on the US App store were analyzed and ranked according to growth rate (see graphics in-article).

This came up for me recently when a friend published a great post about the future of WordPress. Myself and a few others left comments on his blog post to start some discussion, but most of the discussion happened on Twitter. The ease of discussion there is great, but it’s already essentially gone. Finding old threads on Twitter can be tricky, but finding that post on his blog will be easy to do into the future.If someone looks back on how this particular WordPress issue was resolved, they’ll find his post (and our few comments there), but almost certainly miss the deeper discussion on Twitter

Push notifications have become one of the most powerful channels for direct, 1:1 audience engagement, cutting out the middleman to amplify trust and data insights.

Though more and more companies are adopting sustainability initiatives and goals, they must recognize how to engage consumers effectively. Social influence can be a powerful tool for encouraging consumers to adopt sustainable behaviors, but the tactic is most effective when others can observe the behaviors.

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