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Wanna travel around the solar system in the future? Here's a checklist you should see 🚀

Abundance shows practical solutions to humanity’s most significant concerns such as lack of quality food, water, education, healthcare, and freedom. The author shows us how exponential technologies can help us improve our quality of life to achieve abundance.

This has been one of my most favourite long-reads yet! As an A-Level biology student, I really resonated with the explanations and was able to understand how different aspects, some surprising, can possibly tie in to our development as a whole. It is a big question that surprisingly isn't asked enough- instead of our lifestyles, how will we change in the future?


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#Scientist and a huge #sport 's passionate with a true interest in #innovation and new #technology. I share my passions on my blog website QuaterTech.com that explores the intersection of #sports and #tech


18 yo medicine applicant 😄 I share interesting and sciency articles! 🇬🇧🇧🇩 MBTI: INTJ-T Architect

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