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Pt  = point

We use small artboards while the devices we design for are huge. For example:

  • The iPhone XR has a Retina display that has twice as many pixels per inch (ppi) as a regular screen, meaning the artboard is rendered at twice as many pixels.
  • On the iPhone X, the artboard is rendered at 3 times as much, since it has a Super Retina display and 3 times as much ppi.

Designing for the smallest size allows scaling assets into the various sizes the different devices require while maintaining pixel-perfect rendering. 1 pt can be translated into 1,4 or 9 pixels at the @1x, @2x, and @3x sizes.


The comprehensive 8pt Grid Guide


Material Design is continually evolving. The style of the Material text fields changed in 2017 for the following reasons:

  • Users didn't know that they could interact and click on the text field (the most common way users enter and edit text in forms and dialogues).
  • The line under the old text fields was confused with a divider.
  • The label and input were confused with body text.


The Evolution of Material Design’s Text Fields