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I like to think of Tilak as a programmer. He is not too glamourous but he knows how to manage and solve resource constraint problems. He does not think of India as HUGE as it is but he sees it using a modular approach where you need to make progress on an infinitesimal level and that is a real good win too.

These are some most Popular Web series Which can Add Some kind of value to your Life & Help you to Grow. Hope you like them comment down which is your Favourite. And also the Web series apart from these which you think are Life-Changing. #AddingValues

India is a vast land brimming with talented and creative people of diverse backgrounds. There are many wonderful things India has introduced to the world. From 0 to the world's first university, from Snakes & Ladders to shampoo, India has been quite the Santa Claus.


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Hi! I am Atharva Joshi from INDIA🇮🇳. I am a med student. Posting all kind of content related to Health, Technology, History, Geography, Scientific etc. Hope you like my content! Stay Safe!!


Generalist. Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.

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