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In life, your only opponent is yourself

In Tetris, you’re only playing against time and the never-ending flow of pieces from top to bottom. The mindset is internally focused — you are challenging yourself to correctly manipulate a random stream of inputs into an orderly configuration. There’s no final boss. No blame to assign.

The real game of life is completely internal. There really are no big, bad enemies who exist to make you suffer. There is no absolute right or wrong move that a certain opponent can punish. And your score can increase to infinity if you just push yourself harder. 



Your Life Is Tetris. Stop Playing It Like Chess.


Saying basic income is socialism is as absurd as saying money is socialism. It’s money. It’s all it is. What do people do with the money? They use it in markets. In other words, basic income is fuel for markets

Markets are a wonderful invention that serves to calculate via a massively distributed computer comprised of people, what goods and services should be made, using what, going where, by whom, of what quantity, etc. It’s an incredible act of decentralization built upon supply and demand signaling.


If You Think Basic Income is “Free Money” or Socialism, Think Again