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The power of observation

Observing and chatting with colleagues helps us gain valuable knowledge. Employers recognize how important it is to enable workers to learn from each other, on an ongoing, informal basis.

Popular learning models have tended to suggest that 20% of our learning about a job comes from observing others, although newer research suggests that figure could be even higher. 

Of course, everyone needs formalized training when they join a team, on things like software or legal processes. But there are also the less obvious things to learn, like how do you fix that error message that pops up all the time? Who is the most helpful person in the IT team? Is it OK to wander over to the marketing team for a chat? Why do we work with this company but not that one?



Broaden the definition of learning

The rapid pace of technological and strategic change reveal the need for workers to engage in lifelong learning.

However, most executives and talent management professionals trying to get their people to learn aren't thinking about what drives real learning, meaning the creation of new knowledge, not just sharing existing knowledge that quickly becomes obsolete. This cause companies to miss opportunities for employees to engage in learning that will help them innovate and keep pace with customers' changing needs.