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Play is spontaneous and pleasurable but, more importantly, it accelerates and derisks learning. When we’re kids, it helps us to try out new behaviors, to refine those behaviors and to imagine what is not but what could be or what will be. Martin Reeves, a business strategist dealing with adults, argues that, in fact, play in business is not just possible: it’s essential and even urgent. Here’s why.

An archer can shoot as accurately as possible and still miss his or her target. But this is no reflection on the archer. This is not quite saying that we must do our best, but that our best is the most that we can do—and is therefore all we need concern ourselves with.

“Nothing lasts, nothing is finished, nothing is perfect.” There’s a certain levity that comes from things going slightly wrong. Or, put another way, there’s a particular value that comes with imperfection, impermanence and incompleteness: 侘寂

If you have moved from one country to another, you may have left something behind – be it a relationship, a home, a job, a feeling of safety or a sense of belonging. Because of this, you will continually reconstruct mental simulations of scenes, smells, sounds and sights from those places – sometimes causing stressful feelings and anxiety.


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