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Minimum Viable Product (MVP): 4 Types You Should Know About

Yesterday, we discussed the steps and strategies to building an MVP.

However, there are different MVPs that fit different business models. Some businesses may find it more valuable to use a certain type of MVP.

In this article, we're outlining and explaining the 4 different types of MVPs and which one you could use for your startup business.

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Minimum Viable Product
  • Talk to your users before you came up with MVP
  • Build MVP with limited functionality. You need to condense down what your user needs, what your initial user needs, to very simple needs
  • Don't take too much time to build MVP try to build MVP within three weeks.
  • Don't fall in love with your MVP don't think it should be perfect and spent a lot of time.Treat it as one of the steps to be completed
  • Ask feedback from real customers and iterate it.
  • Always be more flexible to change your solution according to your customer's needs and try to be in contact with your customer.



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