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Mystery Books In Which Neighbours Are Found Criminals

Creepy neighbours may have become a cliché trope in the mystery world, but it’s for a reason. They make compelling stories, and who doesn’t love a good bad neighbour? Here is a list of the best mystery books in which neighbours are found criminals.

This book follows the Lockwood family who moves into 25 The Avenue after getting it for a really good deal. The media is frantic with a murder case around the neighbourhood, but the Lockwoods pay it no heed.


Dark And Shallow Lies | Book review

Dark and Shallow Lies by Ginny Myers Sain is a paranormal mystery thriller. It is a debut novel by the author. It took me some time to get into the rhythm and the slow build of the story but when I did I was flying. I can’t  believe this is a debut novel because of the fact that from the absolute first page I was hooked and couldn’t quit reading. The setting is the thing that truly had me hooked, Ginny Myers Sains wrote such clear depictions of La Cachette, Louisiana that it seemed like I was there and could picture precisely what this town of 106 living people looked like.