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We Never Know What Is For What. #_tinkus.

We never know what thing can be used for what purpose until we explore it in many dimensions, in a variety of different ways and manners. Just like a person can show multiple personality like one mask over another and so on, similarly every single things has its multiple purposes of existence. The only requirement is we need to wake up a good manipulator, a researcher a keen observer and a explorer within us that will give us a wide perspective of existence of things in relation to environment and to ourselves and vice-a-versa.



Tikam Singh Solanki on Sep 04

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Words We Should Start Thinking About: " See And Observe "

Continuing with my thoughts on words, the next pair is "see" and "observe".

One is a skill and blessingwe take for granted while the latter is a skill which I believe, should be developed by each individual.

Seeing is merely a process that happens without any realisation, we just see because most of us have eyes, while observing is also seeing but with added virtue of understanding or analysing the things that we see.

When you observe you become aware, sympathetic, intuitive and most importantly you start to understand the little things of the world which you wouldn't if you don't observe.



MAYHEM on Aug 21

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