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The disadvantages of remote working
  • Decreased collaboration: Remote working has led to a 23% decrease in team collaboration, which means less teamwork and development on assigned projects. 
  • Decreased productivity: You can work whenever and wherever, but many times when our minds wander. 
  • Lack of inspiration: When you're surrounded by people all day, every day, there's a lot of inspiration that comes from that environment. 
  • Lack of work/life balance: Remote working can make it very easy to overwork yourself simply because you can't tell when your day at work is finished. 
  • Increased distractions: There are tons of tasks that can steal away attention, such as household chores or errands, that can decrease productivity while working from home.
  • Reduced relationships with coworkers: It can also lead to a lack of relationships with coworkers, which is especially harmful to managers who do not get the opportunity to create stronger bonds within their teams. 
  • Isolation: The lack of human connection can make employees feel isolated and alone. 


The office identity crisis

Most people have a love-hate relationship with the office. In a world where remote work has proven to be effective and is preferred by the majority of employees, the office is having an identity crisis. Work is no longer a place you go to every day. 

As organisations look to rebuild office life, they have an opportunity to rethink the office and the nature of work itself.