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My View On The New Social Setup

With times like these, where don't meet people often like we used to due to the pandemic, a lot of people want a break from staying indoors and on the other hand there are people who would love not to socialize like they used to.

Few of us miss being physically present in some events. To be with them during their toughest or happiest times, whether they are sick or getting married, we don't get to live in the moment.

Some of us have major FOMO, but for people who are not into socializing and love being indoors,this is a blessing for them.

The world is digitally evolving. I hope we thrive on it.


My views on the post-pandemic life

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Workplace Flexibility Is Here to Stay

Workers gaining more flexibility in how, where, and when they work is a shift that’s here to stay.

Only few companies worked remote earlier, because many struggled to calculate what it would cost them, in terms of communication and efficiency, to have employees working across locations.

The open question for companies now is how much flexibility to retain as workers return to the office.

Companies will have to better describe what type of work and what kind of flexibility model is most valuable and least costly to production.



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