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How to grow your personal brand
  • Seek the help of a mentor. Working with a mentor can help you set specific goals in your personal and business life. Through this relationship, you can tap into your mentor’s broad range of knowledge and insight, and receive honest feedback and input. 
  • Join a mastermind group. Ideally, the group should be a valuable source of ideas and feedback and should serve as another way to be held accountable for your goals. 
  • If you are looking to grow your credibility, writing a book is a great way to do so. It’s also a great way to tap into your creativity and explore new ideas. Writing a book is not easy, but throughout the process, you’ll continue to learn how to improve your personal brand and build credibility.



Three tips to help you grow your personal brand


Consider Genuinity

Clients look for representation that they can resonate with or someone that they feel will be able to connect with them.

When writing your bio, check with your firm if they already have an established template for it but if there's a theme or message that you need to follow, do so; but if not, feel free to share aspects of your life outside of work.


5 Tips for Writing an Attorney Bio