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A list of powerful statements that give you a perspective if you haven't read Naval's tweets yet. If you have, read it once again for newer ideas :)

How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big is a guide to succeed despite your failures. Adams admits he has failed at more things than anyone he has ever met. But, he managed to transition from working in an office to being the creator of a world-famous comic strip within a few years. The key to this success were fundamental principles that he picked up along the way. This book outlines these principles and how they will benefit you more than what society suggests is best for you and your future.

Beyond Order is a follow-up to Peterson’s International bestseller, 12 Rules for Life. In Beyond Order, he provides 12 more rules for living happier, more fulfilling, and successful lives. While 12 Rules for Life offers an antidote to chaos, Beyond Order asks the reader to go further. Neither complete order nor complete chaos will bring you fulfillment. So, Peterson’s 12 rules in Beyond Order encourage the readers to reach out into the domain beyond. Doing so is essential for adjusting to an ever-changing world.

Ultralearning is a strategy for aggressive, self-directed learning. Self-directed means you can take back control, rather than wait to pay for expensive tuition and tutors. Aggressive means that instead of spending years at something without getting great, your limited time and effort are always directed towards what works.


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A medical student!🩺 I’d like to live as simply as possible. I love reading- regardless of what type of book it is. People are wonderful, especially those closest to me. I’m determined to do some good for others in whatever I end up doing in the future.


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