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What is a Neutron Star?

Neutron Stars are the most dense category of stars that form when a star collapses in on itself. These stars have 1.4 solar masses (1.4 times larger than our sun) and have a radius of 6.2 miles. The reason they have the name "Neutron Stars" is also because it is believed that they are comprised of mostly neutrons.

Neutron Stars also lose the ability to generate heat because of how tightly packed the particles are against each other. Despite this surface cooling, it may still be very hot due through further collisions with other stars or an accretion (a gravitationally bound disk of particles).



What is the Largest Black Hole in our Universe?

Cygnus X-1 takes the throne for largest Black Hole in our universe. This black hole also happens to be 6000 light-years away.

Another interesting thing to note is that the concept for black holes themselves is relatively new meaning that there is still a large amount of assumptions and incomplete solutions attached with them.

Especially when the singularities are in question, there is almost no distinction between "right" and "wrong".