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Small Habits Brings Big Change

No need to mention how plastic is affecting our environment.

Let's see how small changes you can do to bring a big change in the world's environment

1. Use bamboo toothbrush instead of plastic ones

2. Do not throw plastic packets of curd, milk or snacks. Make an eco brick with them. For more details go to the below link

3. Always carry your own cloth made grocery bag for shopping. Try to buy loose groceries not the packaged ones.

4. Use wet garbage and vegetables waste to make compost.



Tips to reduce plastic waste

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That Annoying Bag Of Clutter

Spring cleaning is a thoughtful, slow process to declutter where we slowly consider each knick-knack and decide what to do with those old tee shirts, magazines, refrigerator finds, and stuff lying around the house.

There is a much faster process, where we take a big bag and fill it with things that simply annoy us. This Annoying Bag would digest the stuff we don’t know what to do with, or simply don’t like now.