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The transition from WFH to the office
  • Strong HR strategies. Not only can an HR team connect and support individual employees, but also use their platform to teach employees how to support each other, creating a positive chain of office-based encouragement.
  • Taking the transition back into the office at your company’s own pace is also vital if you want to prioritise mental health on the return to work.
  • When your team has returned to the office, a great way to reinitiate team bonding and introduce staff members to the post-pandemic working future is the introduction of wellbeing workshops.
  • Ergonomic care, too. Prioritizing ergonomic welfare is often forgotten within the office, leading to a whopping 86 percent of office workers sitting for up to 8 hours a day.
  • Prioritize those still working from home. As 30 percent of the corporate workforce still remains at home in 2021, it’s important for employers not to exclude them from post-pandemic well-being schemes


Providers of fulfillment at work before the pandemic
  1. Completing a project
  2. Receiving recognition for your work
  3. Reaching a professional milestone
  4. Achieving a team goal
  5. Winning new business
  6. Socializing with co-workers
  7. Brainstorming sessions
  8. Utilizing amenities
  9. Attending meetings
  10. Attending internal social events
  11. Utilizing shared spaces.

 What did people find fulfilling? Getting their work done.