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You have to be able to say NO

You have to be able to pick your shots. And if success doesn’t earn you the right to say NO, what kind of success is it? If you’re not strong or free enough to pass on things, are you really that strong or free? In fact, really caring about your work is a great reason to need to be able to say NO to stuff.

Just because you’re offered something that might be good for your career, that would feel good to your ego, that most people would have said YES to, doesn’t mean you have to listen to your ego and accept the offer. You can say NO. It’s easy to forget that, especially with peer pressure and FOMO, but it’s true. Saying NO is a rich feeling that’s only tangentially related to money.



Prioritisation is a challenging problem

When building a product, brainstorming ideas, finding ways for improvement, and collecting feedback can result in many good ideas.

However, it can be challenging to prioritise the order in which you tackle those ideas for several reasons:

  • It's more satisfying to work on pet ideas you'd use yourself instead of projects with a broad reach.
  • It's tempting to focus on clever ideas instead of those that impact your goals.
  • New ideas are more exciting than ideas you're confident about.