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What Is Rain?

Its rain! How it works? from where it get the energy? Rain!Doesn't rationalize people to spread the blessings, it just do its work. The blessings makes the fields incredible, the scenerio awesome, seed futile, the living being happy etc...many more countless things. We humans doesnt pay this back, but the rain loves still..despite of being one side and alone, it is love which gives it energy...!


Preetesh Paliwal on Sep 12

🙋‍♂️ Just my thinking.


After asking my friends and hearing people say how much they love the rain i wonder what made rain loved by many when it was depicted as a lonely and sad time of the day.

Rain's Company

Maybe it's because of that! People often find happiness and tranquility when they are alone, the rain may just add to the flavor of solitude.

People's suppressed emotions will be able to flow out, competing with the sound of rain hit the rooftops.

It is also for me, i enjoy being alone accompanied by books, blankets, paper and, a pen. Though i enjoy the silence i dont mind listening to the rants of the sky.


Imathicthighsimp on Aug 20

🌧️ Its raining