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One barely have time to mediate in their hectic day to day life style. Read them in soundful environment to feel the thoughts of Socrates and mediate in the form of reading quote. This will surely help to purify your mind qith negative impacts.

I faced respect problems. And I solved them. Thus I want to share some lessons that life taught me.

In this stash I would like to talk about love issues faced by a boy in society. My intentions are not bad. I'm not comparing boys with girls. At some point you may feel like comparison but it is not. And I accept that for parent both boy and girl are equal. In this stash I am talking about why some boys are rude and are not that accepted. I beg your pardon if any of my view has hurted your feeling.

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A simple boy with complicated mind.🙂


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Hi! I am Atharva Joshi from INDIA🇮🇳. I am a med student. Posting all kind of content related to Health, Technology, History, Geography, Scientific etc. Hope you like my content! Stay Safe!!