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Buzzing photographers

In the 1950s, magazines were looking for unstaged pictures of celebrities, and they were willing to offer a healthy payment to those who could get photos, especially in compromising positions.

Photographer Tazio Secchiaroli was one of the first to take one of these photographs of King Farouk of Egypt. King Farouk became upset being photographed while sitting with two women, neither of which were his wife.



'Kheror Khata’ makes us look at the classic film in a new light

Satyajit Ray’s birth centenary has seen many tributes to his life and work. The four short films inspired by his stories on Netflix, new translations of his works, and countless essays about his multi-faceted ouevre in Bengali and English. But the tribute to Ray through the recently inaugurated web portal is a strikingly original and lasting contribution to Ray’s genius.