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What is visual search?

Visual search uses artificial intelligence technology to help people search through the use of real-world imagery, rather than through text search. 

So, when a person takes a photograph of an object, using Google Lens, for instance, the software identifies the object within the picture and provides information and search results to the user.


Visual Search Guide: Who Uses It, Benefits, and Optimization Tips


The issue with client-rendered content
  • The standard implementation of a single-page app provides a page “shell” to the browser without any meaningful content included. The content is instead loaded on demand from the server with AJAX and then added to the page by JavaScript.
  • This allows a user to view the “pages” of an SPA site without a page refresh, theoretically improving UX.
  • While this architecture works for human users, what about search engine crawlers? 
  • It’s important to know this, as it could determine whether or not the site’s content is indexable by a search engine, and just as importantly, how well its content is ranked.


Is My Single-Page App SEO Friendly?