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In a world of skincare cocktails, where combining ingredients is a daily thing, choosing the right ones to mix can be quite challenging. Not to say, combining the wrong ones can turn into potential irritants or cancel each other out, making them ineffective. Salicylic acid and retinol are two powerhouses, researched and proved a million times to have myriad benefits for acne and aging signs. So, either you’re struggling with adult acne or want to prevent wrinkles while fighting breakouts, you want to know if you can use salicylic acid and retinol. Stay tuned; you’re about to find out!


How satisfying to write about two of my absolute favorite skincare ingredients in one post, aka resveratrol vs retinol. I love retinol serums as much as I do resveratrol, either in a glass or in skincare. Even if I’ve always taken a simple approach to my beauty regimen, I constantly keep these two heroes close. Separately, they are indeed two powerhouses, great for all skin types, but can you use resveratrol with retinol?