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As time progresses and technology advances, if humanity survives the climate crisis then people will use more and more energy, as a whole. So, in addition to harnessing energy from wind and water, this will mainly be done by converting sunlight into electricity. Therefore, when humanity becomes a type one civilization in the 22nd century, the energy consumption of people worldwide will be at about 4×10¹² watts. A lot more will change.


Compared to previous major disease outbreaks like Sars and Mers, the Coronavirus has a much lower mortality rate. The best available data suggests that the death rate appears to be less than 3 percent, but there are questions about its reliability. For patients over 80 years old, the mortality rate is 14.8 percent; for 70 years and over, 8 percent; for 60 years and over, 3.6 percent; for 50 years and over 1.3 percent; for 40 years and over 0.4 percent; and for younger,