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Forced Socializing

"You've to come", they said.

"I don't want to", you never said.

Each one has its own story. A story no one tells.

You fear that if you tell the story, you'll no longer have a story to write.

A story that you don't want to write but is written for you, not by you!

Few pleasantaries and the clock keeps ticking.

With every hour you seem more fazed and out of place

You go out and enjoy, well you think you do but the night has a different way to get things out of you.

And when you're alone at the end of the night, you realise that you needed a break, but in reality something just broke you!



Eye opener

🚶 On a walk


The Balcony Poem

What do you do when you look up at the sky?

Do you know the answer or you just wonder why!

Just wonder why, things never worked out the way you planned it?

Or was it your own curious mind, that really slammed it?

You asked for something better, didn't you?

you worked towards it and you just let it be!

and now all the people you see down there, didn't do it

Yet they seem to be more happy, something your curious mind will never see.

Oh! the balcony is my favourite place!

It can ruin me at any moment, I say

Little rain or bright sun or probably some snow.

There's no escape, this is the only way!



The Balcony Poem

🌄 Balcony view