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Other Survival Tips From The Rock's San Andreas
  1. Before leaping to any safety lines, look around to ensure the place you are fleeing is indeed falling apart. It definitely is, but that extra certainty will boost your adrenaline.
  2. Hide under a table. Wood can handle everything.
  3. Crash land any flying vehicles into densely populated areas and use the vehicle of those you kill to continue fleeing the disaster site.
  4. If the city is crumbling, head to the nearest under-construction high rise as God only destroys completed structures.
  5. Trapped in a flooding building with unbreakable glass? Drive your boat through the window. Don't wait for people to clear the area. There's no time.
  6. If The Rock offers to rescue you, accept it. He's a harbinger of chaos, so there are only a few minutes before the ground you sit on will become a gaping sinkhole.
  7. Don't live in California. That state asks for it.



15 Tips for Surviving Disaster, According to The Rock's 'San Andreas'