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Unhelpful feedback

Good feedback is necessary to grow one in a career. But too many of us receive unhelpful and meaningless advice.

Bad feedback falls into two categories, namely empty praise and vague criticism. People need specific feedback so that they know what they should continue doing because it's working, or what they should adjust because it's not working.



We feel hurt and attacked by most criticism that we recieve, and in some cases it is true that the criticism comes from a place of hatred and negativity rather than from positivity and well-wishes.

But sometimes we feel hurt by even the positive criticism that wasn’t meant to be negative, instead it was meant to be taken positively and for our own growth.

It’s important to keep in mind that while taking criticism, try to keep an open mind and keeping your emotions out.

Do not react to it or take it personally, instead take a deep breath and look at it from the other side.