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Having spent weeks attempting to understand what GPT-3 is, I have finally come up with my own simple explanation. Hope this makes sense to you.

The author is exploring how the AI revolution, and the Web 3.0 paradigm, including the Metaverse concept, will shape the human experience in the future.

These astounding inventions show that civilizations of the past were a lot more advanced than we might have thought.

These new and upcoming ideas could very well shape up how we interact and work with each other in the near future. It's good to have a basic understanding of these buzzwords.

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Web and Mobile app developer, Fitness enthusiast, Stoic.


🙋Am a self taught Digital Creator , Editor 💻 from India 🇮🇳 , as well as a Technologist and a COD Gamer 🎮. Interested in learning📒 new things always for keeping up with the trend .


Management concepts explained like tweets.