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We Lost The Internet
  • First developed for the military, the internet wasn’t always the closed, capitalistic ecosystem that it is now.
  • Before the tech giants staked their claim on billions of users, it was a decentralized place with no custodian.
  • Now, only a handful of companies control most of the internet, using addictive content and smart algorithms.
  • They use the vast amount of user data generated every minute for building tools to predict consumer behaviour and feed their AI engines.



What is Web 3.0?

Web3 enhances the internet as we know it today with a few other added characteristics. Web3 is:

  • Verifiable
  • Trustless
  • Self-governing
  • Permissionless
  • Stateful
  • Native built-in payments

In Web3, developers don't build and deploy applications that run on a single server or that store their data in a single database (usually hosted on and managed by a single cloud provider).

Instead, Web3 applications either run on blockchains, decentralized networks of many peer to peer nodes (servers), or a combination of the two that forms a cryptoeconomic protocol .